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Thanks to your jaw, you can never truly relax

Well, that was before TMJ Relax. Until now, symptoms related to your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) like chronic headaches, ringing in your ears, indescribable tension, or the mental anguish caused by all of the above have had you constantly on edge. Am I right? And who can blame you.

That one tiny joint causes suffering for millions like you, every day. But now there’s relief – really (and finally).

TMJ Relax is new and innovative, and it’ll move your jaw into its right place so there’s no more suffering. Dentists across the US are recommending TMJ Relax and we’re working quickly to ensure they’re at a provider near you.

A Custom




What is TMJ Relax?


A simple system, customizable to  any jaw (including yours)

Start with a Pro

This is no sketchy, “mail order dental” system. You’ll see a professional dentist, specially trained by our expert team, who will determine if TMJ Relax is the right treatment for you. If so, you’ll provided with a prescription and stay for a few minutes to have your bite scanned.

Get your device

You’ll head back to the dentist to receive an orthopedic device made just for you with our patent-pending RightBiteTM software.

Gently sitting only on your lower teeth, it leaves your bite in its most relaxed position. Your dentist will make any necessary manual adjustments, and off you go.

Tension Unwinds

You’ll wear your device day and night. For most patients, the tension gradually subsides, along with pain in the jaw and elsewhere. Relief—at last.

Countless “treatments” have only made you feel worse

The quest to solve your TMJ issues feels like a neverending merry-go-round. One specialist after another, each with a different “opinion.”


When you finally do try something, it ends up worsening your symptoms — making you more tense than when you started (both physically and mentally).


Providers simply haven’t had a reliable, quality option to put a stop to your pain — until now.

Unlike any treatment you’ve tried

(and you’ve probably tried them all)

TMJ Relax is not a mouthguard, or even a custom orthotic. These types of typical TMJ appliances are simply molds of false hope. That’s because they’re designed based on a patient’s current bite— and when you’re left with the same bite, you get the same symptoms.


TMJ Relax treats the root problem, not just the symptom, to help ease the pain for good. Our device allows the jaw to rest in a different position—an optimized position—to shift you back into comfort. All under the guidance of a specially trained dentist.


We’re calling it: The “regular” mouthguard will soon be obsolete.

Better Treatment in Every way

Like we said, a mouthguard is not the answer…

Advantages Mouthguard

Treats underlying cause of pain

Relieves your misaligned bite position

Dentist-prescribed treatment

Adjusted over time

Done within 6 months

Great value for $

Custom Orthotics






Developed by the nation’s most dedicated Dentist for TMJ

Break the cycle of tension with


TMJ Relax is a streamlined new system that makes treating TMJ disorders simple. It does what no one else has thought to do: relieve the underlying problem behind your symptoms.


Dentist prescribed

Reliable relief2

Put yourself in a position to heal (literally)

Put yourself in a position to heal (literally)

You don’t grind your teeth or hold tension in your jaw for no reason. So what’s the culprit?

The position of your bite

TMJ Relax is the first treatment to recognize that problem and support the bite in a comfortable, natural position, with supervision from a dentist. So you can finally relieve the tension that’s causing a domino effect of stresses on your body and mind.

The place to start for every TMJ symptom

TMJ Relax is the first and only medical device of its kind cleared by the to treat issues associated with TMJ disorder.

thunder Muscle Tension

Feel relaxed, finally—without
having to consciously work at it.

thunder Headache

No more throbbing head pain
that’s powerless to painkillers

thunder Teeth Grinding

AKA Bruxism. Stop gnashing your
teeth together, once and for all.

thunder Neck & Facial Pain

Say goodbye to all-over soreness
that stems from your TMJ.


It’s all about your bite

If you take anything away from this page, let it be this: A misaligned bite is typically the underlying cause of TMJ-related symptoms like teeth grinding, muscle tension, and headaches. The upper and lower teeth don’t quite fit together properly, which puts stress on your TMJ joint—and the symptoms cascade from there.

While dentists are aware of the problem, there hasn’t been a simple, consistent way for them to solve it—until now.

Relax, It’s Guaranteed

At TMJ Relax, we actually want you to relax—and that means having peace of mind around your purchase. That’s why we provide our Total Relaxation Guarantee, including:

The TMJ Relax Promise

Consistently high-quality care that puts patients first. Our team is here to support you and your dentist.

12 Month Warranty

If your Rightbite device fractures or breaks in the first year, we’ll make you another one for free.

Loss Coverage

If you lose your device on a date or your pet uses it as a chew toy, we’ll replace it for a small fee.

Real people, real relief

Words cannot describe the relief I’m feeling right now, except that I feel like my body has melted away and the tension in my jaw and shoulders has disappeared. I’m able to relax and everything feels light and loose. I wish I’d found TMJ Relax sooner!

Samantha D.

You don’t need to live in pain! TMJ Relax is a treatment that finally helped me get rid of nagging jaw pain that had persisted for months! It has changed my life.

Jack M.

My life is back to normal! TMJ Relax was recommended by my dentist and after a few months of wearing it, I can live my life again the way I used to. No more pain weighing me down!

Caitlyn G.

Having had terrible weekly migraines for years, I would have never imagined that my relief would come from the dentist! My dentist looked at my health as a whole and found the root of my issue. TMJ Relax gives me a pain-free life back.

Lucy S.

I’m finally able to eat anything I want without pain thanks to the dentist who fitted me with TMJ Relax and took me on a healing journey! Highly recommend to any other pain sufferers out there who know what I’m talking about when it comes to pain and eating.

Jerry K.

An amazing non-invasive way to get relief from suffering. TMJ Relax is a game-changer for anyone looking to avoid jaw surgery.

Macy T.

It’s time you got the care you deserve

Finding real relief for TMJ symptoms shouldn’t feel like an endless scavenger hunt through the medical and dental professions. You need answers and real solutions that get you closer to feeling free in your body again.


Our mission at TMJ Relax is to provide you just that. It’s the very reason we created the system that will give you the best shot at progress, without having to go under the knife or sell your car to afford it.

See If I’m a Candidate

Best Value

TMJ Relax is an investment in yourself. Think of what having your life back is worth.

I’m in.
What’s the investment?


Full Treatment

TMJ Relax is an investment in a healing journey. It starts with an understanding of how the device works overtime vs. being a quick fix. (There’s no such thing). TMJ Relax works the best

Medical Insurance Benefits

TMJ Relax is significantly less than other options out there. Some treatments are upwards of $6,000. TMJ Relax on average costs $2,000 depending on geography and case complexity. You can also inquire about insurance coverage with your provider.

Option to put a supporting quote from a dentist here about how helpful TMJ Relax is for their patients.

Dr. Dentist Name

Beware of the

“magic fix”

You may have been sold a surefire treatment in the past, only to end up with more pain (and less patience). We know that happens in the industry and want to be honest with you about what to expect with TMJ Relax treatment.

It’s not an overnight solution (they don’t exist)

Though initial relief can be rapid, it may take some time for your jaw to fully settle (up to 6 months). You won’t find any true, non-invasive relief that’s faster.

You’ll Have to Wear The Device

The more you wear it, the faster and better your results. For severe sufferers, providers recommend taking it out only for meals and special events. Not to worry, It’s easy to get
used to.

Additional treatment may be needed

As your jaw stabilizes, your treatment may reveal that you would benefit from follow-on treatments. This will be determined by your provider.

Still have questions?

TMJ Relax Treatment is a new system, created by one of the leading TMJ general dentists in the US, that simplifies treatment for anyone suffering with symptoms of TMJ disorder. TMJ Relax does what no one else has thought to do: treat the most common underlying cause of TMJ symptoms, which is a misaligned bite.

You’re prescribed the system after seeing a professional dentist, who then creates an orthopedic device for your jaw based on TMJ Relax’s unique Rightbite protocol. This device sits on your lower teeth and allows your jaw to rest in a position that reduces tension on the temporomandibular joint. TMJ Relax is the first product of its kind cleared by the FDA to address TMJ symptoms like headaches, teeth grinding, and muscle tension. With its simple, streamlined approach and great value, TMJ Relax is the new first best treatment for anyone suffering with TMJ disorders.

If you’ve been suffering from one or more symptoms associated with temporomandibular joint disorder for more than a few weeks, then TMJ Relax treatment is a fantastic option for you. Do any of these symptoms sound familiar? Headaches, migraines, facial muscle pain, clenching or grinding your teeth, ear pain, ear fullness or ringing, fatigue when chewing, lock jaw, pain during normal activities like eating, speaking, laughing, or yawning. If so, we recommend you see a TMJ Relax doctor for a consultation.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or where you’re at on the spectrum of symptoms. TMJ Relax can help you, without disrupting your busy life.

You’ll wear the TMJ Relax device on your lower teeth to keep your jaw in a comfortably relaxed position. It’s the best position for you, specifically, that reduces stress and strain on your bite—and thus the muscles around it. In a relatively short period of time, this reduction of tension eases the pain and discomfort you’ve been experiencing.

Your TMJ Relax doctor will check in with you along the way to monitor your progress and ensure your device fits correctly, so you get the best possible result.

TMJ Relax treatment starts with a consultation with a TMJ Relax-trained dentist. They’ll check out your jaw, evaluate your symptoms and let you know if you’re a good candidate for TMJ Relax. If so, they’ll scan your mouth using a computer to make a model of your top and bottom teeth. They’ll then place a small prop on your lower teeth and ask you to bite naturally until you feel your teeth first touch the prop. Your bite will be scanned in that position. We call that position Rightbite, which is used with our algorithm to determine interferences in your bite and design a TMJ Relax device specifically for you. Once your device is ready, your dentist puts it in and makes adjustments to it periodically as your jaw position settles over the next few months. You only have one job in all this: to wear the device!

The timing depends on how complex your situation is. You could complete your treatment in as little as 6 months—but you’ll start seeing results in a matter of weeks. After about 6 months, your dentist will review your symptoms with you and determine what’s next. Some people will go on to wear their TMJ Relax device long term, as needed. For others, TMJ Relax becomes a stepping stone to see that they actually need some orthodontic treatment to further adjust their jaw position. That’s what makes TMJ Relax a great first step—it tests how the symptoms are related to your bite before making any permanent changes with orthodontics.

Great question. It’s important to us that any dentist prescribing TMJ Relax has been personally trained by our team. That’s how we know all our patients are receiving the same high standard of care. Right now we’re encouraging all interested patients to take our assessment and let us know who you normally see for dental care. In the near future, we’ll have a full list of providers you can choose from. Whether it ends up being your current dentist or not, you can be sure the provider is an approved TMJ Relax provider qualified to administer your care (and you don’t have to break up with your current dentist, either).

Check out our reviews—some patients were suffering for more than 50 years before they found relief with TMJ Relax. That said, every person is unique, which is why the TMJ Relax process starts with a consultation. During your consultation, your TMJ Relax dentist will help you determine what TMJ Relax treatment could do for your symptoms. We can’t guarantee a particular treatment outcome, but encourage you to share your treatment goals with your TMJ Relax dentist at your consultation.

The cost of TMJ Relax treatment is affordable, especially when you consider how much you can spend visiting all kinds of specialists and trying a whole bunch of treatments that don’t work. It varies a little by location, but is typically around $2,000. There are options to make TMJ Relax treatment more affordable for you, too. Because TMJ Relax is a medical device, it may be covered under your medical insurance. There’s also the option to spread the payments out over several months if that would be helpful to you.

Fair question! $2,000 for anything can feel daunting at first. But other specialists will likely quote you a lot more, and the costs of over-the-counter treatments and second (and third) opinions certainly add up. TMJ prevents you from going straight to surgery or extensive orthodontic treatments you may not need. For these reasons—and the fact that it can ease what can be excruciating symptoms pretty quickly—patients find it to be well worth their investment.

Yes, it’s quite comfy. The device is relatively small, custom fitted to your mouth, and has no sharp points or materials. It’s worn only on your bottom teeth, so you don’t have a whole mouth full. You can speak while it’s in, too. Like anything you wear, it’ll take some getting used to, but it won’t take long and it won’t feel like it’s in your way. Many patients wear it 20 hours a day, no problem.

What’s great about TMJ Relax is it’s often covered by medical insurance, since it’s a treatment for a medical issue. TMJ Relax has a team that will help you submit to your insurance and figure out coverage. You can relax while we deal with the hold music.

TMJ Relax does come with a 12-month Total Relaxation Guarantee. We want you to truly relax, after all. This means if the Rightbite device you receive is fractured or broken during the first year, we’ll replace it for free. (Your dentist may charge you a little extra for their time, but the device is on us.) If you happen to throw it in the trash on accident, we’ll send you a new one for a small fee.

Yes. TMJ Relax works the same regardless of any previous dental work you’ve had done.

Yes, it’s quite comfy. The device is relatively small, custom fitted to your mouth, and has no sharp points or materials. It’s worn only on your bottom teeth, so you don’t have a whole mouth full. You can speak while it’s in, too. Like anything you wear, it’ll take some getting used to, but it won’t take long and it won’t feel like it’s in your way. Many patients wear it 20 hours a day, no problem.

TMJ Relax devices are made of a semi-rigid resin which is cleared by the FDA. All you really need to know is, it’s safe and comfortable.

There’s an adjustment period at the beginning where it will affect your speech a bit. Most patients say it takes a couple of weeks for their tongue to get used to having a device in their mouth. Just stick with it and your speech will get back to normal before long!

Imagine the freedom to fully relax

Whether you’ve been dealing with symptoms for a few weeks or a few years (or more), know this:

Take the next step toward healing

Take our quick assessment to find out if you’re a good candidate for TMJ Relax.

If so, you’ll be the first to hear when it’s available near you—and be that much closer to a pain-free life.